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Portraits to order

Portraits to order

It is big honor for me to point out a possibility of portrait creation. You can order portrait of yourself, your wife, friends or anybody you want. Portrait is an excellent gift for anyone. Just use the form below to order the portrait and after it send me an e-mail, with your requests (choose what technique and size you want) and include photography. I will confirm you your order and then send adequate pay-on two-thirds on Milan Fibiger’s bank account. I will send you preview of your portrait after finishing the work. In case of your satisfaction with the portrait send remaining financial sum and your portrait will be sent to you.

Price list:

Pencil drawing on carton,
lightly colored
A3 259$ (199€)
Color – tempera, paper(carton) A3
$419 (299€)
$629 (€459)
Oil paint on canvas A3
$839 (€629)
$2799 (€2099)

Group portrait, other portrait formats – negotiated price

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Portraits to order Portraits to order Portraits to order

If you are interested in this product, please contact Milan Fibiger on his e-mail address milanfibiger@gmail.com