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Dum-Dum 2009 - Dayton, Ohio

From 13th to 16th August I took part in annual meeting of fans friends and collectors of the Edgar Rice Burroughs work. I met with my friend Philippe Badré at the JFK airport and we continued together to Clarkwille near to Nashville to the excellent professor Jim Thompson and to his wife Linda. Jim's collection and their hospitality were unforgettable. We travelled by Jim's car and we met curator of Burrough's Collection George McWhorter in his amazing kingdom at the university in Louisville on our way to Dayton.

This year's meeting took place in Dayton in Ohio. I personally promoted my new portfolio and I painted new original Tarzan pictures. Atmosphere throughout the action was very kindly. It was a big honor for me to meet such amazing people as Cathy Wilbanks, Dennis Wilcutt, Henry Franke, Dick Spargur, Bill and Sue Hillman, Allison Bohl, Bill Morse and Peter Ogden.

I spent one day in New York on my way home and I visited John Casey, a friendly man with workshop of artist seals. I'm looking forward to the next Dum-Dum that will be in Chicago.

Photos from the action