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France – Sant Genis Pouilly

In the early April, 2007 there was an exhibition in France which was dedicated to the work of E. R. Burroughs, especially to Tarzan, his most famous book character. I was invited to this convention by its organizer Philippe Badré, one of the leading French experts on Tarzan. Apart from my old pictures, I created a special collection of six paintings for this exhibition. I am pleased to say that my collection was warmly welcomed. For me personally, this convention brought a priceless meeting with André Chéret, a famous French illustrator of Rahan.

The new Tarzan collection

Photos from the exhibition

There was an article about this exhibition in Pevnost
(Fortress - magazine, only in czech language):

… and also in a French newspapaer Le Dauphine 8.4.2007 (in French only) :